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Group Dining ​Concierge in Japan

for Travel Agencies


Oicee!! Japan - Group Dining Concierge

Let us support your customers' journey in the world capital of "Foodies".


We support your tours by providing best group dining options for any size, anywhere and any special favorites! 

Oicee!! Japan

Picking the right restaurants for a big group of people is always tough and tricky in Japan. Mostly because, as far as restaurants are concerned, bigger isn’t always better. Moreover, it is much more tricky for foreigners because few restaurants are ready for serving foreigners in terms of language, religion or food preferences such as vegetarian, vegan and many more others. In addition, the number of restaurants in Japan has been decreasing dramatically in recent years, making daily meal arrangements a very time-consuming task for tours throughout the country.  

We are here to solve those issues with rich local experiences.

Oicee! Japan is a one-stop shop that provides travel agents with restaurant arrangement, coordination, and reservation services in "being attentive to every detail" way. Once you have decided on a tour, please send us your itinerary as is. 

  • find a restaurant within walking distance to meet the bus time. 

  • adjust the menu somehow as guests can't eat specific foods.  

  • have catering or boxed lunches delivered to a designated area. 

  • arrange a restaurant that focuses on organic food. 

From popular dishes such as sushi, tempura, and sashimi to French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and even bento boxes, catering, and GALA dinners for hundreds or thousands of people, our professional staff can coordinate and arrange a wide variety of restaurants and dishes according to your itinerary and your needs. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries throughout Japan. Our experienced staff will provide strong support for your company.


We can also arrange for:

  • GALA dinners for large groups

  • restaurants with microphones and speakers

  • welcome parties at restaurants with terraces

  • cruise dining

  • study tours for executives of food and beverage companies

  • visits to food-related companies

  • tours to discover local food products

  • courtesy visits to long-established seasoning manufacturers

  • collaboration with cooking schools in Japan

  • fruit picking

  • wine tourism

  • tuna cutting shows

  • cooking experience tour planning

  • sushi experience tours

  • udon and soba noodle making

  • Japanese sweets making

  • food sample experiences

  • food tourism planning with fermentation and local cuisine


Please feel free to contact us about food tourism planning and other special food experience tour planning. We look forward to working with you in your business.

We have one goal in mind

Finding you the perfect "Omotenashi"

for a group lunch or dinner

Incentive Tour

Serving for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of invited customers is not a nightmare, but a dream stage for us. 

Tour Group Dining

Having a large group doesn't have to mean missing out on dining at great restaurants in tour. 

Veggies, Vegans

Meeting Veggies&Vegans's requests is a must today. We not only recommend special restaurants, but arrange them in normal restaurants, too.  


Satisfying foodies' stomach is a very challenging but interesting work. Let's knock them out with surprising dishes.  

Religious Care 

Halal, Kosher or other religious issues should be respected. We have rich knowledge and experiences to take care of them.

Deep Tour

For those who wants to eat something rare, strange or unique, let us arrange it. Welcome to the deep food wonderland:) 

Our Passion

Oicee Japan Team

We Love Eating,

Travelling and Taking care of Foreign Toursits!!

There's no such word as "NO" at OICEE JAPAN TEAM

Our team has strong established contacts and networks and this enables us to provide appropriate services for Members, such as priority reservations, and acquiring preferred seating and ambiance. Our team staff is personally proud of our recommendations. No third party reviews are allowed and the team filters its recommendations in accordance with Members' tastes.


If a restaurant is fully booked, the team will always suggest an equal alternative. A Member's experience will be unique and thoroughly personalised, in-line with all of the services that Oicee Japan creates and delivers. Simply contact us anytime of the day or night for any of your requests, be it an once in a lifetime experience.




Find out more about what OICEE JAPAN can do for you.

Oicee Japan
Oicee Japan Dept.

Hayakawa Bldg, 5F, 4-10-7 Ginza,

Chuo-ku, Tokyo 106-0051 Japan

Tel: 81-(0)3-4455-4043

Fax: 81-(0)3-6740-7755


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